Wind network of marine survey

Ocean research company Windyme Network develops, studies and acquires a wide range of expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Overseas, domestic, "Measurement unit going anywhere in the country" mainly performs 3-dimensional seabed topography measurement, seafloor geologic exploration, underwater high-vision photography by ROV, etc. Techniques of windy network such as research and academic research, measurement for construction, survey for fishery fishery, dam sediment survey, underwater archeology, etc. are used for many purposes. 
Ocean Research Training Facility operated by Winnet Network has been used by many oceanographers and researchers as a base for research and presentation by marine officials. It is equipped with accommodation facilities and restaurants, and it accommodates long-term research meetings and meetings.

Regional oceanography in the ocean survey

Cooperate in revitalizing the area

A set of two high-level aircraft Four median tank Onika caldera seabed

The Windy Network provides marine survey technology, ocean bottom topography and geophysical exploration technology, and underwater HDTV with location information shooting technology for "local town development" planned by each region. Old traditional legends in the water, rumors, etc. Events on the sea floor that will become the transmission material of 'Machi-okoshi' etc. We will cooperate with those who need our investigation skills.

Academic research

Contributing to the community
Nan Madol Ruins Scandinavia 3D laser scanner

As part of a true social contribution, we cooperate with non-profit projects or academic research (research institutions / educational institutions) (limited to domestic) as part of true social contribution. If you wish, please do not hesitate to contact us. In case of a large number of applicants, we will consider and consider the social importance of the research purpose.  


Survey Cooperation: 8/16 Broadcasting Nippon TV "Banksha!" ~ "I 402 sinking to the seabed" Phantom submarine aircraft carrier survey ~
Survey Cooperation: 8/12 Broadcast TV Asahi "Super J Channel" - Survey of Remnants of Nikko Machinery Sinking in the Sagami Bay Ocean Bottom -
On the offshore of Shimoda Port, we found a former Navy special weapon "Hai Dragon"!? We held a press conference
Shizuoka newspaper was posted! Ocean bottom topography of Ito City "Ito Kaigaoka" in Shizuoka Prefecture

Measurement data (original contents) such as 3D submarine topography are delivered.

Video distribution of corporate philosophy.

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